Creating a COA+ with Secure QR code

  • Option A: Single item linking by creator or customer (merchant or purchaser)

  • Option B: Bulk linking with CSV by creator

Option A: Single item linking by creator or customer

1. The creator indicates that the certificate is linked to a secure QR sticker

You'll find this panel at the bottom of the certificate creation form. If you've already created your certificate, you can easily edit it to include the QR sticker link.

If you are using the Shopify App, click 'Add Secure QR label' when you edit the product details.

2. Scan QR sticker with your phone camera

3. Enter the email address associated with the certificate.

  • For purchasers, it’s the email used to make the purchase

  • For creators, it’s the email address for your Verisart account.

4. Once logged in, items with Secure QR labels are displayed. Confirm the certificate you want to link and complete the linking.

5. Success! The QR code has been linked and the COA+ badge now appears on the certificate.

What does my customer do?

Option B: Bulk linking

The second way of linking can be done by you as the merchant, even if the certificate has already been transferred to the purchaser. This means the link between the work or product is already established at the point that you ship it to the customer.

1. Note the Serial Number on the QR label

For example, L00000X

2. Log in to your Verisart account & view the Certificate from your dashboard

3. Copy the Certificate ID number that is found in the URL

For example: ba400038-8e1b-4e34-b6df-74feff0c34e1

We only need the alphanumeric ID, so copy everything after /works/creator-name-

4. Use this sample spreadsheet & populate it with the Certificate ID and Secure QR code serial number

5. Send the spreadsheet to

Where do I place the secure QR sticker?

Our secure QR stickers are designed to be placed directly on the work. All our secure QR stickers are acid-free, meaning they will not damage the work.

We recommend placing the sticker in a location that does not appear directly in the eye line of the viewer. For example, for sculptures, you may want to place the sticker on the base. If your work is sold framed, you may want to place the sticker on the frame.

Give your customers a premium experience and build trust with our printed products. Upgrade your COA (Certificate of Authenticity) to a COA+ (our highest level of confidence) by linking your physical work.

What is a COA+?

Our patented blockchain certification is based on 3 levels of confidence.

  1. Registered Record - The lowest level of confidence. The issuer’s identity is unverified.

  2. Certificate of Authenticity - The identity of the issuer is verified. If the issuer is the creator, identity verification is enough.

  3. COA+ - The highest level of confidence. In addition to a verified issuer, either the issuer or owner has established a link between the digital certificate and the work. This is only available for physical works.

How can I tell my certificate is a COA+?

After a link is established between the COA+ and the certificate, it displays the holographic COA+ badge. If someone scans the QR label, they also see the COA+ at the top of the certificate that contains details about the secure link.

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