We offer the opportunity for creators to link their physical works to their digital blockchain certificates with printed products. The two printed products that customers can purchase are Holographic Printed Certificates and Holographic stickers.

Holographic stickers

Verisart Holographic stickers can be attached directly to your creations and unique items.

They are made from tamper-proof material and each sticker has a unique serial number along with a QR code. You could stick them to the back of a canvas, the insole of a sneaker, or on the box of a luxury watch.

What’s the benefit?

  • Build trust and protect your work by providing a clear link between your digital certificate and the physical item

  • Easily share additional information about the work by sharing the certificate

  • Reassure collectors of your work’s authenticity

Steps to use:

  1. Create a certificate for each work

  2. Place a sticker on each work

  3. Message support@verisart.com with the link to the certificate and the sticker serial number (ex. L000016)

  4. The Verisart team links the certificate to the QR sticker

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