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Linking secure QR Stickers to certificates
Linking secure QR Stickers to certificates

Upgrade your COA to a COA+ with secure QR stickers

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Linking secure QR stickers

  • Issuer/creator adds a secure QR sticker is attached in the certificate creation form

If you have already created your certificate, simply edit it to add the QR sticker link.

If you use the Shopify App, click 'Add Secure QR label' when you edit the product details.

  • Scan the QR sticker with your phone camera

  • Enter the email address associated with the certificate

  • After logging in, items with Secure QR labels are displayed.

  • Confirm the certificate you want to link

  • The secure QR sticker is now linked

  • The COA+ badge now appears on the certificate.

For issuers/creators, use the email address use for your Verisart account.

For purchasers, use the email used to make the purchase.

Understanding COA+

A COA+ represents our highest level of confidence based on our patented certification.

Registered Record: Lowest level of confidence. Issuer’s identity is not verified.

Registered Record+: Low confidence. Issuer’s identity is verified but not the creator.

Certificate of Authenticity: High confidence. Creator identity is verified.

COA+: Highest level of confidence. The issuer is verified and either the issuer or owner has established a link between the certificate and the physical work.

After a secure link is established between the physical work and the certificate, the certificate displays the COA+ badge. If the QR label is scanned, the COA+ badge will be visible and additional information about the physical link.

Bulk linking

Linking is manually done following the process above. If you want to expedite this process and are planning on linking more than 50 QR stickers at once you can provide us with a CSV and we will complete the linking for you.

Note the Serial Number on the QR label

For example, L00000X

Log in to your Verisart account & view the Certificate from your dashboard. Copy the Certificate ID number that is found in the URL

For example: ba400038-8e1b-4e34-b6df-74feff0c34e1

We only need the alphanumeric ID, so copy everything after /works/creator-name-

Use this sample spreadsheet & populate it with the Certificate ID and Secure QR code serial number.

Send the spreadsheet to

Can't link your QR sticker?

If you are getting a message that no certificates were found, you may be logging in with the wrong email address.

To link your QR sticker to your digital certificate you need to log in using the email address that owns the certificate. This is the address that received an email with a link to your certificate.

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