Before you're ready to set up NFTs in Shopify you will need:

  • A custom contract address

  • A royalty split contract

  • A linked creator

Here is a guide on how to set up a custom contract address, a royalty split contract and a linked creator.

Add your products as you would any other Shopify product

If the product is just digital, make sure you have not checked ‘This is a physical product’.

Mark products as NFTs

Select a product from your product list, select "More actions" and click "Edit in Verisart".

Choose the NFT option from the dropdown

Review all the NFT Metadata

  • Select a creator. They need to have granted permission for you to create NFTs on their behalf.

  • Make changes to the title or description

  • Add year of production

  • Add any edition information - If you’re selling a limited edition make sure to set the inventory number to match the edition volume.

Add the chain information and contract

  • Choose to mint on Ethereum or Polygon

  • Select the correct Custom Contract from the drop-down

  • Select the correct Royalty Split from the drop-down

  • Enter the total percentage of royalties

Hit save!

Your product is now ready to be minted when it is purchased.

Note: The Verisart app uses lazy minting. This means they are created when the customer claims the NFT. If you are minting on Ethereum you will need to ensure the minting wallet has enough ETH for the minting.

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