Before you're ready to set up NFTs in Shopify you will need:

  • A custom contract address

  • A royalty split contract

Contact your account manager if you don't have this information yet.

1. Set up Customer Accounts on Shopify

  1. Go to the Shopify shop control panel (the main Shopify one for the store)

  2. Choose Settings

  3. Choose Checkout and choose either Accounts are optional or Accounts are required

  4. Click Save

2. Require an email address at checkout

  1. Go to the Shopify shop control panel (the main Shopify one for the store)

  2. Choose Settings

  3. Choose Checkout and under Customer contact method choose Email

  4. Click Save

3. Link a verified creator

NFT minting requires that you have a verified creator linked to your account. Follow the instructions below to link a creator.

Read our article Adding creators on Shopify to find out more.

3. Choose the Verisart settings

In the Verisart go to the 'Settings' tab

  • Set the store to active

Make sure the store has activated certification (the green “Activate” button in the Verisart app) or else no NFTs will get minted.

  • Decide whether you want to create NFTs on point-of-sale or fulfillment on the settings page.

  • Premium plans: Customize certificate template

  • Business Pro plan: Customize the claim email including the sender which involves whitelisting the address

4. Add products

Add your products as you would any other Shopify product.

If the product is just digital, make sure you have not checked ‘This is a physical product’

5. Mark products as NFTs

Select a product from the list and Edit in Verisart from the More Actions menu.

6. Review all the NFT Metadata:

  • Add any edition information. If you’re selling a limited edition make sure to set the inventory number to match the edition volume.

All the other fields in the form are completely optional.

7. Mark the product as an NFT

In the Product Status panel:

  • Check the "Generate NFT" box

  • Choose to mint on Ethereum or Polygon

  • Add your contract address

  • Add the royalty contract address and Royalty BPS (total royalty percentage, this should be entered as the percentage multiplied by 100. Example: 8% = 800)

Hit save!

Your product is now ready to be minted when it is purchased.

Note: The Verisart app uses lazy minting. This means they are created on the blockchain at the point-of-purchase or point-of-fulfilment. If you are minting on Ethereum you will need to ensure the minting wallet has enough ETH for the minting.

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