Welcome to NFT minting on Shopify! We look forward to helping you sell NFTs through your store.

Before you start setting up NFTs in your Shopify store there are a few things you'll need to do and think about.

1. Provide Verisart with collaborator access to your store

  • Before the onboarding call, we’ll request collaborator access so that we can support your first few drops. Ask your store admin to grant access before the call.

2. Choose which chain you want to mint on

  • Choose from Ethereum and Polygon

  • On Ethereum, you will need to cover your gas fees

  • On Polygon, Verisart covers all your gas fees - no need for crypto!

3. Think about how your NFTs will be organized

  • Verisart will deploy a custom contract for you to use for your NFTs. The number of custom contracts you can create will depend on which plan you are on. Visit our plan comparison page to find out how many contracts your plan includes.

What is a custom contract?

With Verisart Minting you can easily create your own custom contracts, providing one home for all your NFTs or a specific project and a direct provenance from you to your collector.

What should I use the custom contract?

How you use the custom contract depends on what NFTs you are minting. For example, if you work with multiple creators perhaps you would like each creator to have their own contract. If you are an individual creator, you might what a contract for each NFT project you release.

Where do these contracts appear?

You'll be able to see these contracts under your accounts in open marketplaces. We've included a screenshot from an OpenSea account below. (Note: OpenSea refer to contracts as 'collections'.

What information does Verisart need to create the custom contract?

To create the custom contract, Verisart will need the following information:

  • Contract name: This will be the name of your contract that appears on Etherscan/Polygonscan and marketplaces.

  • Token Symbol: This is your token identifier metadata to help you identify your NFT in Etherscan/Polygonscan.

4. Provide royalty information

  • An important benefit of NFTs is the ability for artists to receive royalties on secondary sale royalties. This means when a collector resells their NFT, you will get a percentage of the sale price.

  • With royalty splits, the royalties can be automatically split between several wallets.

  • You will need to provide Verisart with one or several wallet addresses and the percentage of royalties they should receive.

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