Once your contract has been created and NFTs have been minted, they will appear on:

  • Verisart

  • Blockchain scanners

  • Open marketplaces such as OpenSea and Rarible

  • In collector's wallets and NFT dashboard

Viewing contracts on Etherscan or Polygonscan

Contracts will appear on the blockchain scanner of the chain they were created on.

Ethereum contracts will appear on Etherscan.com.

Polygon contracts will appear on Polygonscan.com.

You can see your contract name and token symbol in the Token Tracker section.

In this example the contract information is:

  • Contract name: Created on iPad

  • Token symbol: COIPAD

Viewing NFTs and contracts on OpenSea

You'll be able to see your contracts under the "Created" tab of your account. The contract will appear after the first NFT has been minted.

Note: OpenSea refer to contracts as 'collections'.

Below is a screenshot of an account page on OpenSea.

Each contract will also have its own page on OpenSea (referred to as a collection)

See below and here for an example of a contract page on OpenSea.

To configure your contract page on OpenSea see:

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