We offer monthly plans through our Shopify App. You can view all our plans here.

Please note that annual plans are not available through Shopify.

You can use the app for creating and selling NFTs, tokengating and issuing certificates.

If you are creating NFTs the following charges also apply:

  • 5% of the sale price or $0.25 per NFT, whichever is higher

  • 1% royalty on secondary sales (automatically applied)

How will I be charged?

Your subscription and usage fees are automatically billed through Shopify on a 30-day cycle.

Where can I see the app spending limit?

In the Shopify Admin panel go to Settings > Billing

Scroll to 'Subscriptions and click 'View all'

Click on the ellipsis and select 'View spending limit'

You can view your app spending amount for the current 30-day cycle.

What happens if the spending limit is reached?

The default maximum is set to $500/month for businesses and $100/month for individuals.

When you are within 10% of your limit, you'll receive an email from Verisart.

If you do reach your spending limit, your ability to create NFTs will be restricted. Your customers will continue to be able to place orders but NFTs will not be issued. Nothing will be lost, once you've increased your spending limit any paused NFTs will be sent to customers.

You can easily increase your spending limit. Simply enter a new app spending limit amount.

What if I have a subscription on Verisart.com?

If you have a subscription on Verisart.com, you can log in to your existing account on Shopify. You won't need another subscription.

If you intend to create and sell NFTs, you'll need to approve the App Spending Limit when you install the app. These charges will be billed through Shopify while your existing subscription will continue to be billed through Verisart.com.

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