What payment providers can I use?

Discover which card and crypto payment providers you can use to sell NFTs

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Card payments

Choose any payment provider. We recommend Shopify Payments (subject to Shopify's eligibility requirements), PayPal, Google Pay, Amazon Pay or Authorize.net. Payment from purchases made by card go to your designated bank account.

Crypto payments

We provide a native web3 purchase flow through DePay so customers can pay in crypto and receive the NFT direct to their wallet. Adding DePay to your store

You can also use Coinbase Commerce but the NFTs will not be transferred to your customer's wallet after they make their payment. Payment from purchases made in crypto will go to the designated wallet you choose when configuring the payment provider.

I'm not approved to sell NFTs

If you have Shopify Payments installed, you will be subject to Shopify's eligibility requirements. If the Verisart App displays you have been approved for gifting, you can only sell NFTs if you disable Shopify Payments and add an alternative payment provider. Learn how to disable Shopify Payments.

Shopify payment methods are also only available in certain countries. You can refer to Shopify's completed list of supported countries. If your country does not fall into this list, you will have to rely on other payment providers.

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