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What is Magic Link?

Magic Link simplifies the process for users to set up and interact with web3 and blockchain-powered services

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Magic Link, also known as the Magic wallet, is a third-party integration that provides an easy method for users to interact with web3. Even if they don't have a web3 wallet, customers can now create one using just their email address. This allows them to quickly start interacting with blockchain-powered products and services.

Verisart has integrated Magic wallet within our Shopify app, enabling customers who have purchased NFTs from merchants using the Verisart app on Shopify, to quickly and conveniently create a web3 wallet by entering their email or connecting via Google.

Currently our integration with Magic is only available on Shopify and only to customers who are claiming an NFT from merchants using the Verisart Shopify App.

How do I view my wallet?

If you opted to receive your NFT by logging in via email, a Magic wallet has been created for you.

To access your Magic wallet:

If you create a web3 wallet through the Gmail flow, you must select the 'Continue with Google' sign-in option and not the 'Email' sign-in to ensure you access the correct wallet.

This will open your wallet, where you will be able to see any NFTs you have claimed, as well as top up in the crypto of your choice (including ETH or MATIC, which are the two blockchains used by Verisart merchants).

How do I export my private key?

If you want to migrate wallets, you can do so by exporting the private keys.

  • Log into your Magic wallet

  • Your private key can be found in your Magic Wallet by clicking your username

  • Select 'Wallet secret phrase'

How do I find my wallet address?

It is a cross-chain wallet, so the address does not change regardless of which blockchain you are using.

To obtain the wallet address:

  • Simply click the wallet address (this will copy the address to your clipboard, which can be pasted wherever needed to view the full address)

  • Or, you can click your username on the top left hand corner

  • Click the copy icon under 'Magic wallet' (can be pasted wherever needed to view the full address)

How do I transfer my NFT?

Transferring your NFT externally is easy:

  • Log into your Magic Wallet

  • Click the NFT to view it

  • Click send

  • You will need to enter the destination address and ensure your wallet has sufficient funds to cover gas fees

  • If you do not have sufficient funds, you will be automatically prompted to top up - where you can easily purchase the necessary amount

How do I top up ETH?

For some transactions on Shopify, our merchant clients will choose a feature called ‘Customer pays gas fees’, meaning that the gas fees are not included and in order to receive your NFT, you will need to top up your wallet. This is only applicable to Ethereum (ETH) NFTs.

If you have bought an NFT requiring you to pay gas fees, you will need to top up either by buying ETH via Magic or by transferring ETH from another account to your Magic wallet.

  • Log into your Magic wallet

  • Click 'Buy' which you can use to top up crypto

  • There, you'll be redirect to select your payment method and amount

How do I switch blockchains?

  • Log into your Magic wallet

  • Above the fiat value of your crypto holdings, you will see the chain listed

  • Click this to switch between chains


Can I use Magic as a hot wallet?

Yes, Magic is a fully functional wallet. However, please note that it does not currently support Wallet Connect, meaning you cannot use it to connect with other web3 platforms that do not currently offer Magic support.

Does Verisart have access to my Magic wallet?

No, Verisart does not have access to your Magic wallet. We will never ask you for your private key.

If you are asked for your private key or Magic log in from someone purporting to be from Verisart, please report it to us through

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