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Adding web3 checkout to your Shopify store
Adding web3 checkout to your Shopify store
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DePay, a Web3 payments platform, gives your customers a native Web3 checkout experience on your Shopify store. Customers connecting their preferred wallet to pay in crypto at checkout and the NFT mints directly to the customer's wallet.

Customer experience

Add DePay to your store

Install the DePay app on your Shopify store

Log in to your wallet

🚨Make sure you select the wallet you want your payments to be sent to.

Select your accepted means of payment

Provide required information and wait for verification

  • Select 'Registered Company' if your company is a registered legal entity.

  • Select 'Individual' if you own/run the shop personally. Provide all required information.

Activate DePay App

After you have been approved, you can activate DePay.

Optional: Turn on Seamless claiming with DePay

Verisart supports a special mode with DePay which allows your customers to receive their NFTs immediately without needing an extra claim step. This works because we already know which wallet to airdrop the NFT to.

Please follow these instructions to set this up.

Grant Verisart permissions

Go to the 'Settings' tab on the Verisart app. Click on 'Setup' to go DePay to log in and grant Verisart additional permissions to allow us to transfer the NFT to your customer.

Learn more about DePay with their onboarding guide

Payment gateways (like DePay) are not displayed on Shopify if multi-currency is enabled and users have selected a country with a currency different to the store's primary currency.

To disable multi-currency, make sure all your markets match the store's primary currency. Configure Markets under your Store Admin Settings > Markets.

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