DePay's Shopify integration provides a web3 purchase flow, allowing your customers to pay in crypto and receive the NFT direct to their wallet.

How does DePay work for customers?

How can I add DePay to my store?

1. Add and install the DePay app on your Shopify store

2. Log in to your wallet

🚨Make sure you select the wallet you want to receive payments to

3. Select your accepted means of payment

4. Provide the required information

Select "Registered Company" if your company is a registered legal entity. Otherwise, select "Individual" if you own/run the shop personally.

Then provide all required information.

5. Wait for verification

6. Activate DePay App

Once you've been approved you can activate the DePay app in your Shopify Store.

7. Once DePay is active grant Verisart permissions

Go to the 'Settings' tab on the Verisart app. Click on 'Setup' this will take you to a page on DePay where you will need to log in and grant Verisart additional permissions to allow us to transfer the NFT to your customer.

For more information about using DePay to accept payments, read their onboarding guide.

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