If you have an existing Manifold contract, you can import it to your Verisart account and use it to mint NFTs through your Shopify store. Here are the steps to set up your Manifold contract:

Import your contract to Verisart.com

1. Log in to Verisart.com

If you just use our Shopify App, you can access our website through the Verisart App by clicking on any link to "Verisart.com".

2. Connect the wallet you used to deploy your Manifold contract. Learn more

3. Go to the 'Contracts' tab

4. Hit 'Import' and paste in your Manifold contract address

Grant minting permissions to another wallet

If you want to mint on your Manifold contract with another wallet, you'll need to grant permission to that wallet.

For example, to sell NFTs via Shopify using your Manifold contract, you'll need to grant permissions to the Shopify minting wallet.

1. Click 'Grant'

2. Select the wallet you want to give minting permissions to

3. Sign via your crypto wallet to approve the change on-chain

4. Once you've imported the contract, it will automatically appear on your list of contracts in the Shopify App.

Minting NFTs on Shopify with your Manifold contract

1. Log in to Shopify and go to the Verisart Shopify App

2. Go to the "NFT" tab and create a Drop

3. Choose the Manifold contract from the dropdown list of contracts

4. Save your Drop and set your NFT products for sale like you would any other product

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