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How to create a Collection

Organize and showcase your certificates as a creator or collector using collection

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You've created and collected certificates; now it's time to showcase them! Verisart Collections offers a dedicated space for both creators and collectors to organize, personalize, and display their art. Build your portfolio, share your passion, and connect with your community through collections.

Create a Collection

  • Log into your Verisart account and navigate to your Dashboard.

  • Click on 'Collections' in the top header.

  • In the 'Collections' page, select 'Add Collection'.

  • You will be directed to a 'Create Collection' page. Here, you can input the title, description, and choose artworks for your collection.

  • To add certificates, click 'Add Artworks'.

  • A pop-up will display your certificates. Click on the ones you wish to add.

  • To deselect a certificate, click on the artwork again.

  • The number of selected artworks is shown on the button at the bottom of the pop-up.

  • After selecting your artworks, click ‘Add [number of] Works’.

  • You'll return to the collection's edit page, where you can review the title, description, and selected works.

    1. To remove an artwork in edit mode, click the ‘X’ on the top right corner of its image.

    2. To add more artworks, click ‘Add Artworks’ again. This pop-up will only show artworks not already in the collection.

  • Once satisfied, click ‘Save’ at the bottom right. You can edit and save your collection again at any time.

  • Access your collection under the ‘Collections’ tab.

Edit a Collection

  • Navigate to the 'Collections' tab.

  • Click the pencil icon on the collection you wish to edit.

Select the layout of your collection by choosing from one of the two template options located in the top right corner of your collection page. The selected layout will be displayed when viewing your collection publicly, should you choose to share it.

Add an Artwork to an existing Collection

Add artworks to a collection either by editing the collection or directly from your certificate dashboard.

  • Visit your certificate dashboard.

  • Click the three vertical dots on the certificate you wish to add, then select ‘Add to Collection’.

  • A pop-up will ask you to choose a collection for the artwork or create a new one.

  • If you want to create a new collection, please click 'Create Collection' (refer to the instructions above.)

Please note: Collections already containing the artwork will not be listed.

Share Your Collection

  1. Go to the ‘Collections’ tab.

  2. Select the collection you wish to share to access its page.

  3. Click the share icon on the top right corner.

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