Since 2015, we’ve been helping creators do business by harnessing the power of the blockchain through our independent NFT minting service and patented global standard for certification.

Our aim is to empower creators to charter their own course. We want to build a better art market with improved trust and liquidity by bringing transparency and uniformity.

With Verisart you can create Certified NFTs and professional Certificates of Authenticity.

Mint Certified NFTs with Confidence:

  • Become a verified creator

  • Choose your blockchain and marketplace

  • Include collector rewards

  • Stand out with custom contracts

  • Keep up with industry-leading standards

  • Earn ongoing royalties

Easily create blockchain Certificates of Authenticity.

  • Unique certification of authenticity for your physical and digital creations

  • Ability to check provenance instantly and securely

  • Record of ownership on a permanent, immutable ledger

  • Identity protection

  • Ability to add your own inventory number & personal notes

  • Simple sharing of certificates across desktop and mobile devices

Who is Verisart for?

Whether you are a creator, collector, art gallery or online marketplace, Verisart is for anyone who would like to certify and verify creations and collectibles.

Creators and Collectors

You can easily create, customize and manage certificates for your creations directly from our website or app. If you're looking to promote your works, certificates can be set to 'public' mode. If you're looking to keep your works private, we have that option too!

Galleries, Businesses and Online Retailers

Galleries, businesses and online retailers can create and manage certificates of the creators they represent or creations they sell via their online shop. Verisart's Shopify app integrates directly and easily with your online store providing your customers with certification integrated in your cart and checkout.

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