A Verisart certificate is a permanent digital record for a physical or digital artwork or collectible. Each certificate is linked to a provenance record which includes at least one image, the name of the artist or creator, artwork title, production date, medium, dimensions, edition (if relevant), current owner key, URL, secure QR code and a blockchain address.

Understanding the Certificate status

Verisart's patented approach to certification is designed to reflect the level of verification and the amount of information provided. The status of the certificate is reflected by the badge type and confidence panel.

Unlike paper certificates, our certificates are not static. You can upgrade your certificate anytime and record your changes permanently if you provide additional verification and information.

Certificate of Authenticity

The Certificate of Authenticity is reserved for living artists or creators certifying their own work or galleries (or other organizations) who can be authorized by the artist or creator. All other certificates are Registered Records.

Certificates of Authenticity must have:

  • A verified issuer

  • An identified creator who has authorized the issuer

In situations where the artist is certifying their own work, the issuer and creator are the same.

Registered Records

Just fill in details for the artwork or object to create a registered record. Registered Records do not have an identified creator. A Registered Record can become a Registered Record+ if the issuer has been verified.

This describes situations where a business is issuing certificates under a business name or where the artist or creator is deceased and cannot authorize the issuer.

The table below summarizes the criteria for each certificate status

Certificate Status

Verified Issuer?

Verified Creator?

Registered Record



Registered Record +



Certificate of Authenticity



Certificate of Authenticity +



Certificate of Authenticity Plus (COA+)

Our most secure certificate provides the added assurance of a link between the digital certificate and physical object.


Match the requirements for our Certificate of Authenticity and:

  • Include multiple images of the artwork or object

  • Link the physical object with our secure QR stickers

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