We are delighted to welcome you to the Verisart Business Plan. To get started, please follow these steps.

1. Log in to your Verisart account

2. Add your creator

  • Go to your dashboard and click the 'Creator' tab

  • To add a creator you represent, click 'Add creator' and select 'Represented creator'

  • Under 'Creator name' select one from the list or click 'Add new'

  • The first time you add a creator you will be asked to provide details of your business so that we can verify your account.

  • Enter the creator's details

  • Upload a signature

  • Send the creator an authorization request

3. Create a certificate

  • Go to your dashboard under the 'Certificates' tab and click 'Create certificate'

  • For an creator or maker you represent select "A creator I legally represent"

  • Select the creator or maker name whose work you are certifying or add a new creator (creators you have already added and represent will say "represented" next to their name)

  • Upload creation or object images

  • Fill out creation details and add any additional files

  • Click 'Save' to create your certificate and register it on the blockchain

4. Customize your certificates (optional)

Create your customization

  • Click the 'customize' tab at the top of your dashboard

  • Name your certificate template

  • Choose your logo, background image and subheading

  • Click 'Save'

Apply your customization to your certificate

  • Start creating a certificate

  • Under 'Certificate style' select the certificate template you want to use

  • Your certificate will be created with your customization

5. Instantly certify limited editions

You can instantly create certificates for editions directly in the certify form. For more information see: How do I certify editions?

For further inquiries, please contact support@verisart.com or send us a message using the chat in the lower right-hand corner.

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