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How do I add myself as a creator?
Updated this week

If you are a creator, you will need to add yourself as a Creator to create Certificates of Authenticity.

Navigate to your Settings

  • Log into your account and click the top right icon

  • Click 'Settings'

Add a creator

  • Navigate to 'Account'

  • Click 'Add creator'

To set yourself up as a creator, you'll need to complete the following three steps:

  • Add your creator name

  • Verify your identity

  • Add your artist signature

Add your creator information

  • Artist first and last name

    • If you're using an artist name that is different to your legal name, we will contact you for extra verification steps!

  • Year of birth and nationality

    • Please note your year of birth will appear on your certificates

Verify your identity (for new accounts only)

  • If this is the first time you're adding a creator, you'll need to verify your identity

  • Once you've completed this process, you won't be asked again

  • Even if your details need to be reviewed, you can still add creators and request authorizations

Add a creator signature

  • Please note this signature will appear on all your certificates

Hit save!

If you pass all of our automatic checks, you can start creating Certificates of Authenticity immediately.

If your identity verification is marked as pending, you can start creating Unverified Records and they will be upgraded to Certificates of Authenticity once we have reviewed your application.

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