Before completing these steps, please ensure that you are logged into your MetaMask browser extension.

Please note that it is only possible to connect your wallet with the MetaMask browser extension.

1. Download the MetaMask browser extension and sign into your wallet

2. Sign up to Verisart or log in to your existing account:

4. Click on the account menu in the drop right-hand corner

5. Click “Connect your wallet”

6. Click connect with Metamask (Please note: for the time being we only support connecting your Metamask through the browser extension.)

7. Follow the steps in the Metamask pop up

At the moment, we won’t transfer the certificate automatically if the NFT is sold or transferred. If you have sold your NFT, please contact us and we can transfer the certificate manually.

How can I connect multiple wallets?

  1. Click “Connect with Metamaks"

  2. Metamask asks me which accounts, select the wallet you want to connect

  3. Verisart will ask you to sign the first account

  4. You'll notice that only one of your accounts will be added

  5. Click "Connect with Metamask" again, you'll get a warning saying you need to switch accounts in Metamask

  6. Go into Metamask and switch the active account

  7. Click the "Connect with Metamask" button again. It should now ask you to sign for the second account

  8. Repeat for the next account

You may wonder why this is necessary: Even though we can give Verisart permission to access multiple accounts in the first step, Verisart can only see one account at a time. This means you'll need to change your active address each time. There isn’t a way around this - it’s just how Metamask works.

How can I unlink a wallet from my Verisart Account?

Note: If you unlink a wallet, the NFTs owned by that wallet will no longer be visible in your Verisart dashboard

  1. Click on the account menu in the drop right-hand corner

  2. Click “Connect wallet”

  3. Find the wallet you want to unlink and tab the 'x'

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