FAQs for NFT claiming

Troubleshooting customer questions for claiming

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Here are some answers to customer questions about claiming their NFTs.


Why can't I see any NFTs in my account?

Answer: If your account is empty but you have received a 'Claim your NFT' email, please check that you are logging in or creating an account using the same email you used to purchase the NFT.

I've connected my wallet and clicked the claim button but the wheel keeps spinning

Answer: This may be caused by a sudden, extreme spike in the gas costs. Our system responds to this by holding off on processing requests until the gas prices return to more reasonable levels. This generally resolves itself in a few hours so we recommend checking your account again.

Why can't I see my NFTs in my wallet?

Answer: MetaMask doesn’t show NFTs on the desktop, but the mobile app displays them. Click the NFT tab in the wallet app and follow instructions to update the settings to auto-detect the NFT. Learn more about MetaMask.

Where can I resell my NFT?

Answer: You can resell your NFT on any open NFT marketplace. Simply log in to the marketplace with the wallet that owns the NFT.

I don't have access to the claim email

Answer: You can still claim the NFT without clicking through from the email

Potential error messages

A useful summary of error messages that may appear during the claiming flow and to advise customers.

Mint has already been requested

What does it mean? Customer has already claimed the NFT and started the minting process.

Customer solution? Customer needs to wait for the mint to complete. If you're minting in Ethereum, Verisart limits the price of minting an NFT to 50 gwei (gwei is a unit of measure for the Ether cryptocurrency) to ensure you don't spend too much ETH on gas fees. If gas prices go over 50 gwei, minting is paused until gas prices drop below that level.

Wallet already claimed by another user

What does it mean? Customer is trying to connect a wallet already linked to another account.

Customer solution? Customer needs to use another wallet address or unlink the wallet from their other account by logging into Verisart and following these instructions.

No wallet found

What does it mean? Wallet is not connected properly in the browser.

Customer solution? Customer needs to make sure they have a wallet installed on their browser (Verisart supports MetaMask, WalletConnect and Coinbase Wallet) and that they are logged in and connected to their wallet.

MetaMask has a pending transaction

What does it mean? Another transaction is pending in the customer's wallet.

Customer solution? Customer needs to open their wallet or wallet browser extension to review their pending transaction. They can make a decision on whether to wait for the transaction to complete or to cancel it.

User canceled transaction

What does it mean? The customer canceled the transaction in their wallet before the minting was completed.

Customer solution? Customer needs to complete the minting flow again without canceling the transition.

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