How do customers purchase & claim NFTs?
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Buying NFTs on desktop

1. Customer buys NFT

  • Customer completes purchase through standard checkout process using one of your payment providers.

2. Customer gets NFT claim email

  • If a user loses the email, they can also just visit the app dashboard directly to claim their NFT.

The app dashboard is located at the following URL:

  • You can add links to this URL in your store if you wish.


3. Customer claims NFT

  • Click the 'Claim' button and choose a wallet to log in (login is only required once).

4. Customer goes to NFT dashboard

  • Use the link in the claim email or visit the dashboard directly to access the NFT dashboard.

  • Your customer would have claimed successfully if 'Claimed' appears under the NFT

5. Handling Gas Fees

  • If in "Store pays gas fees" mode, no further action is needed from the customer.

  • If in "Customer pays gas fees" mode, the customer must run the minting transaction in their wallet

6. View NFTs in dashboard

  • After claiming, customers can view their NFTs in the dashboard. Links to OpenSea, Verisart, and Etherscan/Polygonscan are available for further actions.

Claiming on mobile

Note: If you're claiming on an Android device, we recommend using Wallet Connect or Coinbase Wallet. MetaMask wallet does not work well on Android.

1. Install MetaMask Browser

  • Install the MetaMask browser and app.

2. Set up MetaMask app

  • Set up a new wallet or import an existing one following MetaMask's setup flow.

3. Return to NFT dashboard

  • Once MetaMask App is installed with an active wallet, return to the NFT Dashboard by clicking the link in the claim email or going to the My Account section of the website

4. Connect wallet

  • Connect your wallet if it isn’t already connected

  • Tap the claim button. The status will update to “claimed” once the transaction is complete

5. View NFTs in MetaMask App

  • NFTs aren't displayed on the desktop version of MetaMask but can be viewed in the mobile app under the NFT tab.

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