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Using Verisart from the Shopify app
Using Verisart from the Shopify app
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Verisart and the Verisart Shopify app plans are designed to work together. Verisart subscribers can automatically access paid features on the Shopify app and vice-versa.

You can view all your certificates issued through your Shopify store in your Verisart dashboard with a single sign-on.

Have a Verisart account?

When you are setting up your account, choose the "I already have a Verisart account" option. You will be redirected to Once you've logged in with your existing details, your existing account will be linked to your Shopify Store. Certificates that are created from your Store will appear on your Verisart dashboard. You can also share customizations across Verisart and your Shopify Store.

New to Verisart?

You can create an account through Shopify.

Log in to Verisart from Shopify

All Verisart plans include access to both the Verisart Shopify App and Verisart. If you created your account directly through the Shopify App, you will always need to access Verisart via the Shopify app.

Go to the Verisart App and click on the blue link to

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