The Confidence Panel appears on all certificates. It explains what type of badge the certificate has and its level of completeness.

Certificate status

Certificate status shows what type of badge the certificate has.

Certificates of Authenticity must have:

  • A verified issuer

  • An identified creator who has authorized the issuer

In situations where the artist is certifying their own work, the issuer and creator are the same.

Registered Records do not have an identified creator. A Registered Record can become a Registered Record+ if the issuer has been verified. This describes situations where a business is issuing certificates under a business name or where the artist or creator is deceased and cannot authorize the issuer.

Object details

Object details shows how complete the certificate is. There are 3 levels of completeness: Basic, Recommended and Extended. The table below reach the Recommended level a certificate needs to contain the following information:

  • Title

  • Image

  • Artist, creator or maker (if one exists, this is optional)

  • Object type, e.g., print, painting, video, NFT, etc.

  • Medium

  • Production year

  • Dimensions

Note that if you're creating your certificates on, you're required to include the recommended details so you're certificate will be at that level by default. If you're a Shopify merchant, you'll need to add object details using the edit form on the Products tab.

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