What is the certificate panel?
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The Certificate Panel appears on all item pages just below the item image and details. It provides information about the certificate status, the level of verification and the amount of information provided.

Certificate status

On the left-hand side of the certificate panel, you will see the certificate status which is an easy way of understanding the level of verification.

For more information about Verisart certificate statuses, see here.

The rest of the certificate panel is divided into three sections.


This section includes information about the Creator and the Issuer. A verified tick next to each name indicates that they are verified.


Certificate details indicate the level of verification as well as the level of metadata (information about the item) provided.

What is a verified issuer?

An issuer who has passed our identity verification checks. We always ask for a government ID and businesses will need to provide additional details.

What does creator authorized mean?

Creator authorized means the certificate was created by the creator themselves or by a third party (i.e. a gallery) authorized by the creator to issue certificates on their behalf.

What are extended object details?

Extended object details indicates that the creator of the certificate has provided several types of information about the item they are certifying. The criteria for extended object details is listed below:

For physical works

For NFTs

  • Object type

  • Production year

  • Medium

  • Dimensions

  • At least 2 files of any type (can be additional images)

  • At least one additional information field (note, description, production location, location)

  • Object type

  • Production year

  • Dimensions

  • At least one additional information field (file, note, etc.)


The history section indicates changes to the certificate, each one is timestamped on the blockchain and you can easily changes made to the item's certificate over time.

How can I upgrade my certificate?

Unlike paper certificates, our patented certificates can evolve over time. Your certificate will be updated automatically if you verify your identity or provide additional information.

All changes to the certificate are registered on the blockchain, proving a clear and trusted timeline of the certificate’s evolution.

Here are a few ways of upgrading your certificate status:

If the issuer is not verified

If the creator is not verified

Provide more details about the object

  • Provide additional information about the object to reach a higher level of metadata. You can add notes, include multiple images and more.

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