Before you start minting NFTs, we recommend you review your Verisart settings.

Go to the Verisart settings tab

Customize certificate

Available on Individual Premium, Individual Pro and all Business plans.

Give your template a name and choose your logo, background and subheading

Recommended sizes:

  • Logo: 50px x 300 px (.png, .jpg or .gif, under 30MB)

  • Background: 900px x 1500px (.png, .jpg or .gif, under 30MB)

Customize email

Available on Individual Pro and all Business plans.

Customize the email customers receive once they've bought an NFT or certified product.

You can change the following

  • From email (sender address)

  • Logo

  • Email text

  • Button color

  • Button text color

Send example email

Send yourself a test email to make sure you're happy with how the email looks.

Manage creators

To add creators, manage signatures or resend authorization requests, click the "manage creators" button.

Set certificate trigger

Choose when you want customers to receive certificates or NFTs. You can choose to send them at point-of-purchase or fulfillment.

Activate certification and minting

Make sure the store has activated certification (the green “Activate” button in the Verisart app) or else NFTs will not be minted and certificates will not be issued.

Object details: Default values

Simplify your workflow by setting default values.

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