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Getting Started Guide - NFTs on Shopify
Getting Started Guide - NFTs on Shopify
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How does it work?

1. Install Verisart Shopify App

  • Go to or your Store's Admin Panel

  • Choose the store where you want to install the Verisart Shopify App. If you have a test or development store, we recommend installing and testing the App there before installing it on your production store.

  • Follow install process and grant permissions to install the App

2. Set up your account

After installing the Verisart Shopify App, set up or link your Verisart account.

  • Click 'Get started' to begin the process.

  • New to Verisart: We automatically create an account to get you started immediately.

  • Have an existing Verisart account: Choose "I already have a Verisart account" to link it. You'll be redirected to Verisart for login.

Before you mint:

  1. Verisart creates a merchant minting wallet for you. This is the wallet used to create custom contracts and mint NFTs on your Shopify store.

  2. The Verisart Shopify App uses lazy minting so NFTs are only minted after they have been purchased and claimed.

  3. Merchants can choose whether to cover minting costs or have their customer pay. Merchants using Ethereum must have sufficient ETH in their wallet. Merchants using Polygon are not required to have MATIC.

Reveal your secret phrase for wallet access and keep it secure.

The minting wallet is like your store's address on the blockchain.

To transfer funds out of the wallet or configure your wallet's account on OpenSea, you'll need to log in to your wallet with a secret phrase. We provide a secure way for you to reveal your secret phrase.

3. Add a verified creator

NFT minting requires a verified creator or brand linked to your account. This protects against fraud and builds trust.

  • Navigate to the Settings tab in the app and click 'Manage' under 'Creators.'

  • You'll be redirected to for verification or to add your creator.

If you're a business and represent creators, you can mint on behalf of multiple creators on our Pro plan. You will need to get permission from creators through Verisart before creating NFTs on their behalf.

If you are a business creating NFTs for yourself or an individual creator, we recommend setting a default creator, this will automatically assign a creator to NFTs you add to your drops.

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4. Set up products

Add NFT products to your Shopify store as usual.

All your products should be added to your store as you would any other Shopify product.

If the product is just digital, make sure you don't check ‘This is a physical product’ on the Shopify product details form.

5. Set up drop

Transform your products into NFTs for sale using the Verisart App.

If you want to sell existing NFTs you can also import NFTs into your store.

🚨 Please note: Drops are tied to your contracts.
You can only deploy one contract per Drop

Selling NFTs

  • Customer buys your NFT.

  • Receives an email inviting them to claim their NFT.

  • Follows a link from the email to view the NFT on their personalized dashboard on your store.

  • Claim the NFT, which gets minted and transferred to their own wallet. They will continue to see their NFTs in the dashboard.

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Navigate to 'NFTs' tab and click 'Create' under 'drop.'

Name your drop and select a blockchain.

Here's an overview of the blockchains you can choose:


Verisart covers the gas fees for you


Generally used for higher-value NFTs, you or your customer will need to pay for the minting costs


A cost-effective layer two solution: process transactions off-chain in batches. You or your customer will need to pay for the minting costs

Sepolia Testnet

A test version of the Ethereum Testnet

Create Custom Contract

Before you set up your NFTs, you need to select or create a custom contract. You can also import a Manifold contract.

  • If you've already created contracts, you'll find them in the drop-down menu. If you want to create a new contract click 'Create new contract'.

Once you've created a contract, if you've opted for Ethereum or Base you can choose if the store or if your customer pays the gas fees.

What is a custom contract?

  • A custom contract is a smart contract for minting your NFTs. The contract provides clear provenance from you to your collector and groups your NFTs together.

How should I use the custom contract?

  • It's up to you! If you work with multiple creators you might want to create a contract for each creator. If you are an individual creator, you could create a contract for each NFT collection.

To create a contract you need a Contract Name and Token Symbol.

🚨 Once your contract is created these cannot be changed



Contract Name

This is the name of your contract that appears on Etherscan/ Polygonscan and marketplaces.

Maximum 21 characters

Token Symbol

This is your token identifier metadata to help you identify your NFT in Etherscan/Polygonscan.

Maximum 6 characters


A short description to help you distinguish between different contracts - this does not appear on the blockchain

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6. Set up and review your NFTs

Add and update NFTs within your Drop as needed.

  • Navigate to the 'NFT products' tab and select 'Browse'.

  • Add as many products as you have prepared in the Shopify products tab.

  • Click 'Add products' and then hit 'Save'.

If the information on your product is incomplete, you'll see an error message at the top of the drop page.

  • An 'Action required' notice will appear next to your NFTs, prompting you to complete any necessary updates.

  • If the information on your product is incomplete, an error message will display at the top of the drop page, indicating what needs to be finished.

  • Once you've added all your details, hit 'Save'

7. Select your royalties

Set and manage royalties for secondary sales on marketplaces like OpenSea.

  • Choose to set up royalties for the entire drop or individually per NFT.

  • Create a new royalty split and add recipients as needed.

To create a new royalty split click 'Create new royalty split'

  • The Verisart Shopify app allows you to divide royalties between an unlimited number of recipients.

Give your royalty split a name

  • The name is designed to help you identify different splits within the app.

Add your recipients

  • You'll need to add a name, their wallet address and the % of secondary sales they will receive.

Your authorized creators automatically appear on the list of recipients but you can also add new recipients by clicking 'Add new'.

🚨 Please note that these royalty splitters work when purchases are made in native currencies such as ETH and MATIC and will not work with ERC 20 tokens like wrapped ETH.

8. Enhance your drop or NFT

Unlockable rewards

Add unlockable rewards and tokengate exclusive products.

  • Drag and drop a file to include it as a unlockable reward with each of the NFTs in your drop.

  • Set unlockable rewards for individual NFTs by editing the product in the Verisart app.

Give buyers exclusive access to products: Tokengates

Please note: tokengating is only available on our Shopify app.

Set up a tokengate to allow customers who own NFTs from the drop to access exclusive products. See how to set up tokengates

Secondary sales on OpenSea

After your first NFT is minted, you should configure your royalties on OpenSea to receive royalties from secondary sales on that marketplace.

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9. Set up customizations

Personalize your Certificate of Authenticity and customer communications.

Customize your certificates and emails with your branding.

Increase trust by adding the Verisart logo to your store.

Learn more:

  • Go to the Verisart 'Customizations' tab

Customize your Certificate of Authenticity

Add email customization

Add the Verisart logo

Increase trust with your customers and add the Verisart logo to your store

You can find the snippet and download the logos directly from the bottom of the Verisart App homepage or by clicking the links below

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