Transferring NFTs from the Dashboard
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Please note: You have landed on this page because you are viewing your Dashboard, which is using the Verisart app on Shopify or WooCommerce.

Owning and managing NFTs is easy with the Dashboard, where you can view your digital collectibles (NFTs) and Certificates of Authenticity (COA). Please note to transfer or sell your NFTs, you will need to do this from your Web3 wallet.

Please use the wallet you claimed your NFT which may be MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, Wallet Connect or wallets.

Using Magic (if you created a wallet via email or Gmail)

If you opted to receive your NFT by logging in via email, a Magic wallet has been created for you. This can be accessed by visiting and signing in using the same email address you checked out with.

If you do not see your NFTs, please ensure that you’ve signed in with the correct email address and that the blockchain selected is the one you minted on.


If you wish to send your NFT externally, click the NFT to view it and click ‘Send’. You will need to enter the destination address and ensure your wallet has sufficient funds to cover gas fees. If you do not have enough for gas fees, you will be prompted to top up.


To sell your NFTs, you will need to list them on a marketplace. This will require you to migrate your Magic Wallet to another Web3 wallet like MetaMask, as you are currently unable to connect the Magic Wallet to OpenSea. To do so, you will need to export your private key (also known as a secret phrase) and set up a new wallet with a provider like MetaMask. Your private key can be found in your Magic Wallet by clicking your username, selecting 'Wallet secret phrase', and following the steps.

You can use your private key to import your wallet into a Web3 wallet provider supported by the marketplace. In MetaMask, this can be done either at the sign up stage or after you've registered.

Once you have done so, you will need to connect to the marketplace with your new wallet and follow the instructions, which may vary depending on service provider.

Using MetaMask and other Web3 wallets

You will need to log in to your wallet with your wallet account details to manage your NFTs, including transfers to external addresses and more complex operations. You can also top-up your account with ETH for gas fees by transferring in or buying through available payment platforms.

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