Here's a short guide to help you answer some of the questions your customers may have about claiming their NFTs.

Question: I can't see any NFTs in my account

Answer: If your account is empty but you have received a "Claim your NFT" email, please check that you are logging in or creating an account using the same email you used to purchase the NFT.

Question: I've connected my wallet and clicked the claim button but the wheel keeps spinning.

Answer: This may have been caused by a sudden, extreme spike in the cost of Polygon. Our system responds to this by holding off on processing requests until the gas prices return to more reasonable levels. This generally resolves itself in a few hours so we recommend checking your account again after waiting a while. If your NFT still does not appear, please contact our minting partner Verisart ( to resolve the issue.

Question: I can't see my NFTs in my wallet

Answer: MetaMask doesn’t show NFTs on the desktop, but the mobile app displays them. Click the NFT tab in the wallet app and follow the instructions to update the settings to auto-detect the NFT. For more information, here's an article from MetaMask.

Question: Where can I resell my NFT?

Answer: You can resell your NFT on any open NFT marketplace. You'll just need to log in to the marketplace with wallet that owns the NFT.

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