Working with creators

Our advice for selling NFTs by multiple creators on Shopify or WooCommerce: Instructions apply to both, though screenshots may vary.

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Confirm NFT details

Understand the type of NFTs the creator is creating and what contract needs to be used.

Send authorization request

Check the creator is authorized. If not, send them an authorization request.

  • Go to 'Settings' tab in the Verisart App

  • Click 'Manage' under 'Manage Creators'

  • You'll be redirected to where you can add your creator.

  • We recommend reaching out to the creator to make them aware of the process.

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Create contract (optional)

For NFTs to appear on OpenSea as created by the creator, the creator needs to deploy the contract themselves. The creator can deploy a contract on Verisart or Manifold.

Please ensure the following steps are completed:

  • Creator needs a wallet

  • If creating a contract on Ethereum, customers can also cover minting costs. If you opt for 'store pays gas fees', you must agree with the creator on who covers the costs and the creator's wallet will need sufficient ETH.
    To estimate costs, check the Settings page in the Verisart Shopify App.

  • Provide the required contracts details information

    • Contract name (Max 26 characters)

    • Contract symbol (Max 6 characters)

Create Verisart contract

  • Creator logs into their account

  • Follow the instructions for creating a contract here.

The creator will be able to create one contract on the Verisart free plan

Create a Manifold contract

Grant minting permissions

  • After contract has been created, the creator must give permission to your merchant minting wallet to access the contract and mint on it. This will enable you to mint and sell the creator's NFTs through your store.

Before the creator can grant you minting permissions, they will need to have approved your authorization request.

For Verisart contracts

For Manifold contracts

For contracts created on Manifold, the contract first needs to be imported into Verisart.

Set up product

Configure OpenSea

  • After the first NFT in the contract is minted, the creator can configure their royalties on OpenSea to receive royalties from secondary sales on that marketplace.

  • To access to the contract on OpenSea, ask the creator to add you as a collaborator. Learn more

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