Sell preminted NFTs
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Our pre-minted NFTs only supports ERC-721 NFTs.

If you've already minted NFTs and want to set them for sale on Shopify or WooCommerce, you can easily import them into your store.

There's no need to add products first for imported NFTs, Verisart will automatically create the product for you.

Import your NFT

Please note: preminted NFTs are not limited to OpenSea

  • Go to the NFTs tab and click 'Import'

  • Paste in the OpenSea link to the NFT

  • Verify the information shown in the preview and click 'Import'

  • The app will automatically create the product in your store

You can edit the product listing under your Shopify or WooCommerce products list. This will not impact the NFT.

Configure the NFT

To sell the NFT, you'll need to make associate a creator with it. If you have already added the creator to your Verisart account, you can select it from the dropdown.

If the creator is not on the list, you will first need to add a verified creator to your account by following the steps in this guide.

Get permission to sell the NFT

In order to list the NFT for sale and sell it through your store, the NFT will need to be owned by your merchant minting wallet.

You can find the address for your merchant minting wallet under the Settings tab of the Verisart Shopify or WooCommerce App

If you are working with a creator, they will need to transfer the NFT to this wallet address.

Selling the NFT

Once you have the NFT in your merchant minting wallet, you're ready to set the product live and sell it through the Shopify or WooCommerce store.

Before you set the product live, make sure you've done the following

  • Set the correct price on the Shopify or WooCommerce product.

  • Ensured the NFT is only open to offers on other NFT marketplaces and not listed for auction or sale at a fixed price.

Your customers can purchase the NFT directly through Shopify or WooCommerce. If you want to see what their experience will be like, see our article How can my customers purchase NFTs?

What happens after the sale?

Pre-minted NFTs can be purchased from your Shopify or WooCommerce store like any other product. Once the NFT has been purchased by the customer it will be transferred to the customer's wallet.

If the customer pays using DePay this will happen directly after the payment has been made.

If the customer has paid by card or with a different payment provider, the NFT will be transferred to them once they have claimed it.

Certificate of Authenticity

All NFTs sold through Verisart come with a blockchain Certificate of Authenticity.

The NFT already has a Verisart certificate

Nothing will change, the App will take the existing certificate into account

The NFT does not have a Verisart certificate

Verisart will automatically create a Certificate of Authenticity for the NFT once the customer has claimed it. The certificate will include the on-chain information and will automatically get transferred to future new owners when the NFT is traded. Learn more about transferring certificates

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