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Add your branding
Shopify App
Configure Shopify or WooCommerce App settings
Configure Shopify or WooCommerce App settings

Manage creators and set customization via the Shopify or WooCommerce App

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Verisart operates similarly on both Shopify and WooCommerce, with a comparable process and interface on each platform. Screenshots in this article may be from either platform, but the instructions are applicable to both.

Go to the Verisart settings tab

Set a default creator

Customize email

Available on Premium and Pro Plans

Customize your customer emails: You can change the sender address, the logo, button color and more. You can even upload your own HTML emails. Learn more

Set NFT or certificate of authenticity trigger

Choose when you want customers to receive certificates or NFTs. Choose from point-of-purchase or fulfillment.

Customize certificate

Available on Individual Premium, Individual Pro and Business Premium and Pro plans

Choose your logo, background and subheading and save your template.

Add a default object type

Simplify your workflow by adding a default object type. An object type describes what your product is.

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