Granting minting permissions

How to grant minting permissions to another wallet

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Verisart supports giving minting permissions on your contracts to other wallets.

There are several reasons you might want to do this:

  • Using a contract on with more than one wallet

  • Giving another Verisart user permission to mint on your contract

  • Giving your Shopify or WooCommerce store permission to mint on a contract you deployed with your own personal wallet.

You can grant permissions for contracts you created on Verisart or Manifold contracts. If you want to grant permissions for a Manifold contract, you'll just need to import it first.

  • Go to the 'Contracts' tab

  • Find the contract you want to give permission for and click 'Grant'

  • Select the wallet you want to give minting permissions to

Note that Shopify or WooCommerce merchant wallets will be clearly marked with a "Shopify" or "WooCommerce" label.

  • Sign via your crypto wallet to approve the change on-chain

Granting permission to a partner

  • Log into, Shopify or WooCommerce and go to the Creators tab

  • The creator should be listed there under Represented if they are approved

  • If the creator is not listed send an authorization request

Note: Before being able to grant permissions to a partner, you will need to have an existing authorized relationship with them within Verisart. Learn more about adding creators and accepting authorization requests.

  • Follow the same granting approach as explained above. You should clearly see your Partner wallet listed.

Once you've imported the contract, it will automatically appear in the list of contracts your partner can mint on.

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