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What can I do with my certificate?

Learn what to do with your creator certificate powered by Verisart

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Learn what you can do when you receive a certificate powered by Verisart. Our patented certification is used by by creators and businesses to authenticate your purchase, protect your item and tell its full story. Discover how to view, manage and transfer certificates.

Sign up to Verisart

  • Sign up to Verisart with the same email address used to receive your certificate or the same MetaMask wallet that owns the NFT

  • Your certificate will appear on your dashboard

Download a PDF version

  • To download a PDF version of your certificate, first select your certificate

  • Find the download icon

  • Click 'Print certificate' to download a PDF

Transfer to future buyers

If you sell/gift or transfer your certified item, you must transfer the certificate to the new owner. Sending the PDF does not transfer ownership of the certificate.

  • Find your certificate in your dashboard

  • Click 'Transfer'

  • Complete New Owner's details with their email address

Learn more about transferring certificates. How to transfer a certificate

Add additional information

Tell the story of the work over time by adding additional files to the certificate.

  • Find your certificate in your dashboard

  • Click on the pencil icon to edit

  • Upload files to the relevant field

Supported file types

Maximum file size

.jpg, .png, .gif

40MB, 40MP

.doc, .docx, .xls, .csv, .pdf, .txt

300 MB

.mov, mp4, mp3, .wmv.

300 MB

.usdz, .gltf, .glb

300 MB

Control privacy settings

Available on Individual Premium and Pro plans and all Business plans

  • Make certificates private or public by editing the privacy preference panel on the certificate.

  • Under 'Privacy preference' select Public or Private

Add your certificates to a Collection

Manage, organize and share your certificates by creating a Collection on!

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