Welcome to the exciting world of NFTs on Verisart! This is a practical, step-by-step guide to creating NFTs on Verisart.

1. From your dashboard, click on “Mint NFT” to the minting form

2. If you haven’t already, connect your wallet

You’ll need a MetMask wallet, if you don’t have one, read our instructions here for how to set one up.

NFT information

3. Select the blockchain you are minting on

Soon you'll be able to choose which blockchain to mint on. Learn about the differences between Ethereum and Polygon here.

4. Select the contract you are minting on

We offer creators the choice to mint on the Verisart contract or create their own custom contract.

The Verisart Contract is managed by Verisart and other creators can also mint NFTs on this contract.

Deploying your own custom contract provides one home for all your NFTs or a specific project and a direct provenance from you to your collector. Each NFT will be minted with your branded token and you can configure your own royalties in OpenSea.

Learn more about Verisart contract vs. custom contract and how to create your own custom contract.

5. Add yourself as a creator

If this is your first time minting or certifying a work, we’ll ask you to add yourself as a creator. You’ll need to verify your identity, add some information about yourself and provide a signature image.

6. Upload your assets and add the NFT metadata

Upload your file, add the NFT title, year of production, description and tags.

If your NFT is a video, we suggest a thumbnail but you can choose to change it.

7. Set royalties

With NFTs minted on Verisart, you can receive royalties from OpenSea, Rarible and other EIP-2981 standard compatible platforms.

Set the % of royalties you would like to receive as well as the wallet address they should be sent to.

How you set up royalties will depend on which contract you are minting from. Read our full guide to NFT royalties.

Integrated certificate

8. Collector rewards

Collector rewards provide your collectors with exclusive access to files or specific instructions. It’s a great way of saying thank you and connecting with collectors.

The file becomes visible to the collector through the certificate once they have connected their MetaMask wallet to Verisart. Learn more about collector rewards here.

9. Customization

If you have a Premium or Business account you can customize your certificate with your own branding. Find out more about certificate customization here.

10. Additional files & notes

The Verisart certificate gives you the space to the story of your work. Provide additional files and notes to share more context about work and yourself as a creator.

11. Mint!

  • Hit the 'Mint' button when you're ready. Once you've minted, the NFT metadata can't be changed so make sure to carefully review all the information you've provided.

  • Pay the gas fees and sign the transaction

Congratulations you’ve minted an NFT!

If you’re ready to sell your NFT, read our guide to listing an NFT for sale.

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